Developing Android Apps

Developing Android Apps ARABIC دورة جوجل لتطوير تطبيقات أندرويد مدبلج عربى


As the first course in the Android Developer Nanodegree, Developing Android Apps is the foundation of our advanced Android curriculum. This course blends theory and practice to help you build great apps the right way. In this course, you'll work with instructors step-by-step to build a cloud-connected Android app, and learn best practices of mobile development, and Android development in particular.

كورس جوجل لتطوير تطبيقات أندرويد | Developing Android Apps | مدبلج عربى
منذ فترة أطلقت جوجل دورة مجانية بالتعاون مع udacity لتعلم إنشاء وتطوير تطبيقات الأندرويد Developing Android Apps
الدورة كانت مكثفة تحتوى على مجموعة كبيرة من المحاضرات تتعدى 230 محاضرة
الكورس يعتبر أفضل كورس للبداية فى مسار برمجة وتطوير تطبيقات الاندرويد للكثير من الأسباب أهمها أن من يقوم بالشرح هم مهندسى جوجل بأنفسهم والمتخصصين فى تطوير نظام الاندريد وهم يعطوك بالفعل أفضل مسار صحيح للإنطلاق فى عالم برمجة التطبيقات وتطويرها
كانت مشكلة الكورس مع العرب بالتحديد أنه باللغة الإنجليزية
وبعد الكثير من البحث وجدت نسخة من الكورس مدبلجة باللغة العربية أقتنصتها فوراً لأضعها كاملة بين أيديكم اليوم
كورس جوجل لتطوير تطبيقات أندرويد | Developing Android Apps | مدبلج عربى
الجدير بالذكر أن هذه الايام بدأت دورة المليون مبرمج عربى والتى أيضاً هى بالتعاون مع udacity مما يعنى أنه إذا كنت من الملتحقين بمسار تطوير تطبيقات أندرويد فهذه الدورة تقريباً ما ستدرسه خلال الاسابيع القادمة
كما أن هذا الكورس سيفيد كثيراً ممن أرادوا أن يلتحقوا بهذا المسار فى منحة المليون مبرمج عربى لكنهم لم يحالفهم الحظ

مساحة الكورس 2 جيجا تقريباً
عدد الأجزاء: 5 أجزاء
حجم الجزء: 500 ميغا


01 Welcome to Developing Android Apps
02 Introducing Your Instructors
03 Are you ready for this course
04 Introducing Project Sunshine
05 Course Goals and Prerequisites
06 Introducing More Sunshine
09 Select a Minimum and Target SDK
10 Select a Target SDK
11 Select a Target SDK Solution
12 Finish Creating a New Project
13 Launch Sunshine and Create an AVD
14 Android Software Stack and Gradle
15 Debugging with a Physical Device
16 Launching on a Device
17 Start to Build the App
18 Create a User Interface
19 UI Element Quiz
20 Add ListItem XML
21 Add ListItem XML
22 Introducing Responsive Design 2
24 Responsive Design Thinking
25 Layout Managers
26 ScrollViews vs ListViews
27 Scroll Views vs ListViews
28 ListView and Recycling
29 Add ListView to layout
30 Add ListView to layout
31 Create Some Fake Data
32 Create Some Fake Data
33 Adapters
34 Initialize the Adapter
35 Initialize the Adapter Solution
36 Finding Views findViewById
37 Finding Views findViewById
38 Great Work!
39 Lesson One Recap
40 Storytime Android Platform
42 Review Data Provided by Open Weather Map
43 Try Out Web Queries
44 Find the Query We Want
45 Find the Query We Want Solution
46 HTTP Request for Weather Data
47 HTTP Requests
48 Logcat
49 Logging on Android - YouTube
50 Network Call

51 What caused the crash Solution
61 Better Ways to Sync
62 Menu Buttons
63 Refresh Button
64 Refresh Button
65 Refresh Button Behavior
66 Refresh Button Behavior
67 Execute AsyncTask
68 Execute AsyncTask
69 Permissions
70 Permissions in the Manifest
71 Permissions in the Manifest
72 Adding Internet Permission
73 Adding Internet Permission
74 Postal Code Param
75 Postal Code Param
76 Identify Desired JSON Attributes Quiz
77 Identify Desired JSON Attributes Sol
78 Parse Out the Max Temp
79 Parse Out the Max Temp
80 JSON Parsing
81 JSON Parsing
82 Update the Adapter
83 Update the Adapter
84 Source Code for ArrayAdapter
85 Take a Screenshot
86 Done!
87 Lesson 2 Recap
88 Storytime Android Consumer Platform
89 Introduction to Lesson 3
90 What to do next
91 Sunshine App UX Mocks
92 List Item Click Listener
93 List Item Click Listener
94 ItemClickListener and Toast
95 ItemClickListener and Toast Solution
96 Create New Activity
97 Create New Activity
98 Intents Framework
100 Launch DetailActivity

101 Launch DetailActivity
102 Display Content in DetailActivity
103 Display Content in DetailActivity
104 It works!
105 Settings UX
106 Preferences
107 Create SettingsActivity
108 Create SettingsActivity
109 Launch SettingsActivity
110 Launch SettingsActivity
112 Modify SettingsActivity
113 Use SharedPreferences
114 Use SharedPreferences Solution
115 Update Data on Activity Start
116 Temperature Units Setting
117 Temperature Units Setting Solution
118 Debug Breakpoints
119 Launching Implicit Intents
120 Add Map Location Intent
121 Add Map Location Intent Solution
122 Intent Resolution
123 Share Intent is Awesome
126 Share Intent Solution
128 Lesson 3 Recap
129 Storytime Android Distribution Platform
130 Introduction to Lesson 4
132 The Android Activity Lifecycle
133 Active and Visible Lifetimes
134 Lifecycle Events
135 Lifecycle Events Solution
139 What To Do in OnPauseOnStop
141 Activity Lifecycle Recap
142 Maintaining State
143 Storing Data in Android Intro
144 SQLite Databases Quiz
145 SQLite Databases Solution
146 Storing Data in Android Conclusion
147 How Were Changing Sunshine
148 Intro to WeatherContract
149 Weather Table Columns Quiz
150 Weather Table Columns Solution

151 Weather and Location Tables
152 Two Tables Quiz
153 Two Tables Solution
154 Our Weather Contract
155 Define Constants in Contract Quiz
156 Define Constants in Contract Solution
157 Create Sunshine Location Database Quiz
158 Create Sunshine Location DB Solution
159 SQLiteOpenHelper onUpgrade
160 ReadWrite from a Database
161 Test ReadWrite from Location Table
162 ReadWrite from Location Table Solution
163 Test ReadWrite from Weather Tbl
164 Why Content Providers Matter
165 Create a Content Provider
166 Explain our Changes to WeatherContract
167 Add a Weather wLocation UriBuilder Quiz
168 Weather wLocation UriBuilder Solution
169 Understand the UriMatcher
170 Write the UriMatcher Quiz
171 Write the UriMatcher Solution
172 Register the Content Provider Quiz
173 Register the Content Provider Solution
174 Code the ContentProvider onCreate
175 Code the ContentProvider getType Quiz
176 ContentProvider getType Solution
178 Weather and Location queries Quiz
179 Weather and Location queries Solution
180 Talking about our JOIN
181 Code the ContentProvider Insert
182 Finish Insert Quiz
183 Finish Insert Solution
184 Update and Delete Quiz
185 Update and Delete Solution
186 Efficient Updates Inserts
187 ContentProvider Redux
188 Create FetchWeather Task
189 Inserts with ContentProvider Quiz
190 Inserts with ContentProvider Solution
191 BulkInserts with ContentProvider Quiz
192 BulkInserts wContentProvider Solution
193 Loaders are Awesome
194 On Loaders
195 Disadvantages Quiz
196 Disadvantages Solution
197 Use CursorLoader with WeatherProvider
198 Leveraging Loaders
199 Leveraging Loaders Quiz
200 Leveraging Loaders Solution
201 Leveraging Projections

202 Leveraging Projections Quiz
203 Leveraging Projections Solution
204 Make Details View Functional Quiz
205 Make Details View Functional Solution
206 Making your ContentProvider Accessible
207 3rd Party Content Providers
208 3rd Party Content Providers Solution
209 Lesson 4 Recap with Reto and Dan
210 Storytime Android Hardware
211 Intro to Lesson 5
212 Android Design Principles
213 Enjoyable Apps
214 Enjoyable Apps
215 Recap on Views and ViewGroups
216 Building List Item
217 Building List Item Solution
218 Building Todays List Item
219 Building Todays List Item
220 Modify ForecastAdapter Quiz
221 Modify ForecastAdapter Solution
222 Two Item View Types
223 Two Item View Types
224 Using the ViewHolder Pattern
225 Formatting Strings
226 Coding the Details Screen
227 Coding the Details Screen
228 Optimizing Layouts
229 Hierarchy Viewer
230 Responsive Design
231 Splitting Devices into Buckets
232 Resource Folder Qualifiers
233 Screen Density Size
234 Screen Density Size
235 Images for Different Densities
236 Adding Images to the App
237 Adding Images to the App
238 Tablet UX Mocks
239 Why Do We Need Fragments
240 Why We Dont Only Use Fragments
241 Why We Dont Only Use Fragments
242 How Fragments Work
259 Wide Detail Fragment
260 Today Item on Tablet
261 Today Item on Tablet
262 Visual Mocks
263 Action Bar
264 Implementing Redlines
265 Implementing Redlines on Your Own
266 Additional App UI Changes
267 Coding Task on Accessibility
268 Coding Task on Accessibility
269 Sizing Your Custom Views
270 Create Your Own View
271 Create Your Own View
272 Draw Your Own View
273 Draw Your Own View
274 Custom View Accessiblity
276 Input Events in Custom Views
277 Lesson 5 Recap
278 Storytime Android Open Source Project
Introduction 41
Why AbsoluteLayout Is Evil 2


Languages: Arabic
Size: 2 GB
Parts: 5 RAR Parts
Part's Size: 500 MB
Lectures: 280


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